How to choose the golf club that is right for you

How to choose the golf club that is right for you

How to choose the right golf clubs

If you are a beginner or just started playing golf, use borrowed, or purchase used, clubs. Use these clubs to become familiar with the game and to decide if what works best for you before you begin putting your bag together.

Step 1 – Define your budget

Golf clubs vary in price, so it is important to have an idea of how much you want to spend before you begin this process. After you define your overall budget, it’s time to figure out how much you will allocate to your driver, woods, irons, wedges and putter.

Step 2 – Choose your Shafts and Flex

Golf club shafts are made from either graphite or steel. Graphite shafts are usually more expensive but they are lighter and better for beginners. With graphite shafts you will be able to swing the clubs faster, which helps increase your distance.

If you are a more advanced player, steel shafts are a better choice for a few reasons. Many high level players already have a fast swing speed; the steel shafts help with accuracy and feel.

After you pick between graphite and steel, it is time to choose flex. Flex is how much a shaft will bend when it is swung. The only way to  decided what flex is best for you is to hit the range and see what feels good or you can consult with a professional club fitter.

Step 3 – Choose your club heads

Club heads are made of steel, titanium, or a combination of both. Titanium clubs are usually more expensive than steel. Titanium weights less than steel, and usually the titanium club heads are larger, thus making it more difficult to mishit shots.

Step 4 – Assemble your clubs

Now it is time to pick your combination of metal, woods, hybrid clubs, irons and wedges that make up your bag. You cannot have more than 14 clubs, including a putter, in your bag. Many players, including myself, choose to give up their long irons and replace them with hybrids. Also adding another wedge, sometimes two, is popular choice amongst today’s golfers.

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